Welcome to the Mariner Storage International web site, currently under development.

Mariner Storage International is a Mariner BVI Ventures company currently being established in the Eastern Caribbean. Our goal is to become the design/build standard in modular, land and water-top marine application self-storage facilities for yacht harbors and marinas worldwide.

Mariner has developed an innovative and diverse self-storage product line that includes modular prefabricated weatherproof locker modules and components, that can be placed in any number of ways to suit the location. Once a harbor master or yacht charter base has determined what size Mariner Storage self-storage system they need or want, we will design one that suits their specific needs and considerations.

In some cases, we may even place a complete storage system or facility in the location at our cost under a revenue sharing agreement. We are currently reviewing several sites for placing our initial land based self-storage projects. The renderings below share some of these layout samples for self-storage systems that are well suited for both remote island yacht charter bases and local area marinas.

Proposed Dockside Self-Storage Facility Configurations


Our modular system was developed to allow them to be arranged in almost any configuration dock side or nearby land, and they can be placed directly on top of existing gravel, sand, pavement or any other flat surface, including grass for short or long-term periods, to provide temporary or even short-term storage space to yacht and marina customers.

Mariner Storage system components are fabricated from a durable aluminum extrusion framework, then power-coated for added protection, using prefinished 1.5 inch thick insulated metal wall panels on all exterior walls. We use ship-lap metal siding to make the complete system facility look like a single building in the colors suitable within any modern harbor. 

What makes Mariner Storage systems especially unique is that our lockers have RFID chip enhanced locks on all locker doors, which allow us to manage facilities located anywhere in the world through our online management software system. Most of our managed facilities will be owned and managed directly by Mariner long-term, which reduces the capital cost of the targeted marinas who need them, while offering shared revenues from operations.

Mariner will also sell its modules components or complete systems outright to end users using a pad lock type locking system. Mariner systems are cost effective and completely self-contained, including a fully covered facility using an integrated,  metal roofing, shade canopy system, which can incorporate solar electric generating PV power panels, thermal hot water generating systems, and even a fresh water-making system to add additional value.

The Mariner modular self-storage systems are built to last and offer a stand alone solution to the non-existent storage at most harbors today. They will offer a cost effective way to not just offer dockside storage, but showers, fresh water and enough power in some cases to power up all marina slips.

Marina In-Water Self-Storage Facility Configurations

Once our manufacturing partners and assembly facility  are established, Mariner will offer several options for slip-based water-top float-storage systems that can be placed in shallow silt-filled slips in most harbors to help generate additional cash flows for the marina. These modular water-top facilities are designed to float in as little as 8 inches of water at low tide. The renderings below share some of the sample marina slip self-storage systems that are well suited for  local area marinas worldwide.

If you wish to learn more or order a system contact contact Peter.

Mariner Storage International is a Mariner BVI Ventures Company.  Copyright 2014, all rights reserved.